Keep your Crystal Chandelier Clean to Remain its Spark

August 20, 2019


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Crystal chandelier will definitely make a home look sophisticated and elegant. It will give a home a special spark and appeal.

Anyone can put a crystal chandelier to their dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Actually, you can put a crystal chandelier any where you want to, it will certainly add spark to any room in your home.

In order for your crystal chandelier to remain its beauty and spark, you have to always take time to clean it. Definitely, you want your crystal chandelier to be sparkling clean than a dusty one. But the crystal chandelier can only be sparkling clean if you spend some time cleaning it. I will give you some tips on how to make your crystal chandelier sparkling clean, just read on.

If you have to do a quick cleaning with your crystal chandelier, you have to start by putting newspapers or towels in the floor beneath the crystal chandelier to prevent the other part of your home to be messy. It doesn’t mean that you are cleaning a certain part; you will let the other part to be messy. After putting towels or newspapers, now you have to use a long-handled feather duster in order to reach up the crystal chandelier. Start cleaning the crystal chandelier, clean as much as you can reach. After dusting the crystal chandelier, you have to spray the crystal chandelier with glass cleaner. Spray the crystal chandelier, wet it with the glass cleaner and just let it drip off, then viola, your crystal chandelier is clean and looks good again. These are just some easy and simple ways of cleaning your crystal chandelier.

But, you have to take time to make a deep cleaning with your crystal chandelier at least once a year. In doing deep cleaning, you can definitely make sure that the crystal chandelier is very clean. Deep cleaning requires scrubbing and disassembly of your crystal chandelier. Just continue reading, this article will give you some advice on how to do deep cleaning with your crystal chandelier.

Turn off the light and let it be cool down for few minutes. Then you have to carefully remove the lamps of the crystal chandelier. If your crystal chandelier is big and heavy, you have to ask someone to help you out in cleaning your crystal chandelier. If you desire not to remove the crystal chandelier, its fine, you just have to remove the crystals since the crystals need some cleaning. But you have to gently remove each crystal. It is better to lay down a folded towel into the basin in order to protect the crystals. Fill the basin with hot water and any detergent you want. Then wash the crystal gently with detergent and rinse it with hot water. Wipe the crystals and put them back to the crystal chandelier.

As a piece of advice, do not remove the crystals all at the same time, because you might forget the exact place of each crystal when you have to put them back, so it is better to remove each crystal one at a time.

You have to wipe the arms of the crystal chandelier and also the bulbs.

As soon as you clean up the crystal chandelier, you would then see the difference. You would determine that deep cleaning is very important to make your crystal chandelier look like new again and has that beauty and spark again.